Oct 13, 2011

Karakter idaman


another day given by Allah.

a hectic day with emotional battle inside.

but instead of saying Alhamdulillah, have i used it to the fullest?


i woke up with a niat to perform saum, a nawafil..

and hoping for the reward He saved for the one that performed saum just for Him.

and also due to i find myself being trapped in a trouble of my own hand..

so that i can control myself whenever i remind myself that i am fasting. 

i think, there was already so many people got hurt upon my attitude :

egoism, selfishness, harshness, and you can just name it..

even how hard i try not to..

insyaAllah, i will always chilling ya and keep on trying..

because only He knows my every deep prayers

eventhough physically it looks like there is no progression at all. 


i aimed for this noble character since long ago..


what was it?

ianya sifat tenang dalam menghadapi apa sahaja situasi,

lemah lembut dalam menanggapi keadaan  buruk

dan tidak tergesa-gesa menghukum tanpa usul periksa..

              j0m, sama-sama kejar!

and just i have a light talk about (riba vs memberi hutang mengikut islam) with a friend..

anyone have any idea about this issue or concept?

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