Oct 18, 2011

buat buah jantung hatiku-

Salam'alaik my dearest adiks..

~akak ada video khas, hadiah buat kalian berdua.. (^^)V
::jangan feeling lebih2 tau.. hehe::

Adiks, i want you to know that akak loves you with all my heart.. 

nothing worth to say other than Thank You Allah..
for sending down this two little girls that has taught me many things.
they help me grow up in this tarbiyah, and i want to do the same in return..

O Allah, instilled between us a great feeling of love because of you.. that may lasts till Jannah.

May He gives us opportunity more and more,
to always improve.
to educate each other.
loving each other day by day.
and tumbuh membesar like the small seed.. insyaAllah

- remind and show me the right when i forget. like you said, kita kan manusia. =)

jazakillahu khoiran katseera for the time and love both of you share with akak. ^^
and forgive me if i ever impair the love and trust you've given.

my dearest: A N Z and D E N A .weee.

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