Feb 7, 2011

Between [D]unya and [A]khirat, i choose A

What is your purpose of life??

what motivate you to live this life that is going to end very soon

the one you prioritized once you have to make a choice 

thus it makes you fulfilled every task perfectly to achieve the purpose of life you aimed for

and you do not ashamed to potrayed it as your ambition in daily life

is it high worldly achievement that you aimed for and you lag akhirat behind?

or do you think it is enough for you to have your family alone that push you to do your best?

or you have understand and feel that everything you ought to do, you have to do it just because you

bow to Allah with full of love.

let say,

you really want to become a best student, a profesional doctor, a good child, an accompanying friend,

you really keen in building a family, to nurture children,

to become a politician, or a photographer.

 I will say, be the best that you can!

and remember, you have to follow His rules

in order to become a mighty servant to the Al-Mighty 

and the successor of the path of  the Prophet Muhammad SAW..

because that two roles are OUR real PURPOSE of this life.

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