Oct 12, 2010

She is Learning

Those who have known me for years or just in a few weeks back.. do have ideas on 'who is me', no matter in exact or just in brief.. and their impressions may varies in large range.

Allah, Beautiful He is..
He never failed to amazed me on many things.. and one of them is on the ability He made for the insan to learn and improve towards a better human being..

Frankly, i am not good in appreciating things, the people and their love. I have little courage to express love and care. Ignorant and heartless you may say. Yet i know i should not be doing that..

Just by being a blogger for a few weeks back, enable me to reflect on one thing. A very meaningful one..
Allah, He instill in me a feeling. Regarding a line in the last post on hadith bukhari.. :.to gladden the heart of human beings.:

~Part yang tak tertahankan~
 i have new habit *huish* untill came a point where i say..what are you doing a'shira..(^^) haha.. (penyakit org baru buat blog kot eh)

~I learnt~
I got the lesson. After that, i read and try to leave comments for them if i could. As a mark of appreciation and to show that i am there besides them. Because that is what will makes them happy. Happiness can bring good change in people. Even it is just a small act. Such as comes to your mother who is cooking in the kitchen. I think its enough for her to have You by her side, without you have to offer a helping hand(espesially for the boys n the husband and for the girls who don't know how to cook ^^).

Ok, lets go back to the main topic.
I just wanna say that, in real life, Allah gives us so many type of friends and family members etc. All we have to do is appreciate them and approved their effort by just saying 'thank you'. And you may know a person who is heartless, too serious or stubborn. So, do not act the same. Because sometimes they are them due to zero qudwah(example) have came across them before.
.maybe. Who knows. ^^

InsyaAllah, it may be the point in their lives to learn from you on how to spread the love and care. above all, He is the one that educate me and you.


p/s: sorry kepada semua yang mengenali diri dan telah merasai ketidak best-an saya. huhu 
:. There is always room for improvement right? .:

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