Jan 24, 2012

j0urney to Allah


Girls.. do you see the birds are flying?
you never know how many miles they have travelled,
through an invisible unmetered route, up in the sky.

they are small.
but there are some that can fly as far as the moon.
there is a group that fly from Alaska to New Zealand.
and some takes a non-stop flight from Far East to China and Japan
others have a non-stop vacation Northwards from Panama or Central Mexico to Texas
while some have an urge to go Southwards with an exact 22hours flight
from Andean highland or even as far as Canada to reach Florida or just Mississippi.
leave their breeding place at the time of greatest food abundance at the north.

Afterall they have to be strong.
they put forward great strategies
gain not just extra but doubled their weight
thickened adipose tissue as backup
leave behind fear.
overcome any risk.
because along the way,
they have to confront  

heavy rain, 
striking thunder,
strucking lightening,
spinning typhoon,
freezing winter,
drying drought,
burning sun,
darkest night..
and there is even this one magnificant species,
rocketing upwards to the atmosphere
reaching the area with the lowest partial pressure of oxygen.
and still breathing.

they do not travel for food
as their homeland is nutrient rich.
they have travelled thousands miles 
and return back  to their real home 
they never stop of tired
they do, only when they have see the gulf.
and remember,
never have they gone AstRay
even without navigators.

Hummnig Bird

in A j0urney,
                   That dePends t0tally on their instinct. . .

Bar-Tailed Godwit

because there is Allah.
                            tHe maneuver.

Bar tailed Godwit journey

and because there is Allah
                                  tHeir purp0se.

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