Nov 5, 2011

kapankah indah muka bumi seperti petala langit?

Animal knows and recognized the words of Allah, Al-Kareem..
They submit to the will of 0ne God, The Creator.. for sure!

But, for them to cooperate with human 
it also needs the submission of the human's heart to Allah The All-knowing.
they will cooperate and allow themselves to be slaughter, 
only if we utter all those Words to them faithfully.

Bismillah, In the name of Allah.. 
Allahuakbar, Allah The Almighty.. 

 on the other side, I want to convey the message that
what all these animals need is an islamic surrounding!
A tiger will not harm a human if everyone has a muslim attitude.
nor will an elephant dare to step on a man if we practice Allah's Law.
i beg you, to ponder upon those statement.

Please do not underestimate Allah's Power.
During the time of the prophet.. He can speak to the animal.
and during the time of the sahabah.. they never afraid to leave their cattle side by side to the fox.
All of these animals are muslim.. the water, the air, the trees.. all of them. 
even the wildest one.

the Human and them can live peacefully without harm.
only if We the humankind practicing the true islam.
The heaven and the earth and everything beween them submit to the WILL of Allah.
it is only Human that have soo many from their descent
who do not become muslim (read:submit)  in their heart and actions..

it is solely the mistakes of the human generation  
because they break the sunnatullah.
T .T

harvesting the forest
with greed

contaminating the water
and pretend to be so called innocent

conducting 'mercy' killing
with cruelty

arrogant in conduct

 hunting animals fot their fur
and be hidden by the need of fashion  

having false prejudice of Allah 
in all times.

belumkah tibanya masa bagi orang-orang beriman 
untuk tunduk dan patuh, 
belum tibakah masanya,
untuk mengingati Allah dengan khusyuk?

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