Nov 14, 2012

Questions for you.

"when we have inspirations, we become blogger.. "

huhu.. i quote this from a video, its a promotion video for PMS in UK. 
the video is simple yet so deep in meaning. 
and whwn i came across the dialogue, it gives me motivation to write. to give my two, three cents..

the quote is almost true, at least for me..
there is so much things happened in our life..
but it doesn't make we kind of blogging everything.

so, it makes me think.. 
What inspired you? 
What kind of issue or event that you choose to blog?

I have found the answer for myself,
but i am not going to write it down here..
so I left that 2 questions for you to answer.

because of what we talk, 
and what write is the mirror image of you at the inside 
and it gives us understanding of the upmost idea and the belief about this life that you have.


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